Hey Guys!

I'm Cameron Niemela, the same Cameron you've been watching on YouTube! I think it's safe to say the majority of my life has been consumed by motorcycles. From the minute I first rode a dirt bike at the age of 10, I knew this was something very special to me. By 13 I had taught myself to fix just about anything on a bike and turned that into a business called ReVive Moto. Throughout the last 10 years the business has grown and led me to starting a YouTube channel.

My biggest mission with the channel was to help others. It has been really cool seeing the response viewers have when they are able to fix their bikes on their own. After all, we live for the rush of adrenaline that comes along with motorcycles.

Once again, I’m always looking for ways to offer a helping hand to my fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. The next step along this journey is creating these courses. I’m able to provide an good amount of value through a platform like this. The opportunity to share every bit of information I have about a certain topic was too good to pass up and so here we are! Check through the courses and if there’s something of interest to you, don’t hesitate to enroll. You absolutely will not be disappointed!

If you have any questions about a course, shoot me an email at [email protected].

-Cameron Niemela